Bonsraa Waterfalls



Bonsraa Waterfalls

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Accessed via a toll road from Sen Monorom, the Bonsraa Waterfalls are now easy to reach and lie 22 miles (35 km) west of the Vietnamese border. This double-tiered waterfall, plunging some 115 ft (35 m) into dense jungle, is the country’s most famous and dramatic cascade. The upper tier of the waterfall is 33 ft (10 m) in width and although the thundering water is very powerful, the lower, narrower tier with an 82-ft (25-m) drop, is much more spectacular. To see it from the bottom of the falls, visitors can cross the river and follow a crooked path weaving down a precipitous stairway. Motos can be hired from Sen Monorom to travel to the falls and back.


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