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Burmese cuisine features influences from Chinese and Indian cuisines, with curries very popular and rice a common staple. Less spices are typically used in the curries, though more ginger and garlic are often added for flavor.

Specialties vary by region, and some can be quite spicy. Tasty dishes to sample include Mohingal, which is a fish soup with rice, and Oh-no Khauk Swe, coconut and chicken in a spicy sauce. There is also a delicious spicy vegetarian rice salad, Lethok Son and Mandalay’s famous ‘mee-shay’ noodles to try.

Aside from Burmese dishes, Thai, Indian and Chinese food can be commonly found at restaurants and in hotels, and there is an abundance of fresh fruit for sale in the markets. You should not consume the tap water in Burma, however bottled water is readily available and usually provided in hotel rooms for free.

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