What should I expect? 



What should I expect? 

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Vietnam is a nation of captivating diversity. From north to south you will find ‘authentic’ Asia – in the fertile plains of the Mekong Delta, majestic mountains in the north, classical pagodas and temples, bustling cities and street markets, and the faded elegance of the French colonial era. You will also encounter a nation rich in culture, tradition and history, and people with a refreshing warmth and friendliness unequaled in Southeast Asia; a people who have put the war-torn past behind them and are clearly focused on a bright future.

The travel industry in Vietnam is growing at a rapid pace. While the freshness and novelty of travel within Vietnam is still evident, major cities now offer facilities and services at Western standards. Travelling in the more remote areas of Vietnam will, however, involve bumpy roads, noisy trains, and overnight stays in clean but basic accommodation.

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