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Koh Kong

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The dangers posed by the Khmer Rouge, coupled with the difficult journey through the Cardamom Mountains, led to Koh Kong being neglected for years. Accessible only by sea and air till 2001, its fortunes are now changing thanks to a road that links the town to the NH4 and to the rest of the country. The town  has built up its accommodations and dining options to  cater to the increased influx of tourists from Thailand – the border is just 6 miles (10 km) away. Koh Kong is a good base for ecotourism; trips up jungle-fringed rivers and through mangrove forests can be organized from here.

About an hour upriver from Koh Kong, Koh Por Waterfall has a gorgeous rain forest setting. There is safe swimming below the falls, but visitors should be careful above the main drop as currents can be strong after heavy rain. Between December and June, hiking is possible on trails along the riverbank.


Near the Thai border, Koh Kong Safari World, with its numerous shows featuring a variety of animals, can be a fun excursion for the family.


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