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Kompong Khleang

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Despite being the largest floating settlement on the Tonlé Sap Lake, Kompong Khleang receives only a small number of visitors, giving those who do venture here an  authentic experience of water- side living. In the wet season,  the water levels of the lake swell to within a few feet of the 33-ft (20-m) high houses on stilts, before receding back into the marshy ground.

Similar to Kompong Phhluk,  Kompong Khleang is a permanent community, its economy  wholly dependent on fishing. In several ways, however, this floating village is even more astounding than Kompong Phhluk – everything floats here, from the school and the general store to the pharmacy, and even the petrol station.

An island situated in the center of the village has a small, brightly painted pagoda with a macabre depiction of heaven and hell. There is also a flooded forest located next to the village. Kompong Khleang can usually be reached by boat from Chong Kneas. During the dry season, however, visitors are advised to hire a taxi or moto from nearby Dam Dek.

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