National Museum of Cambodia



National Museum of Cambodia

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Housed in four majestic terra-cotta pavilions enclosing an enchanting, landscaped courtyard, the National Museum of Cambodia has the country’s greatest display of Khmer statuary. Exhibits range from prehistoric to present- day items and include Indian sculptures such as a striking eight-armed statue of Vishnu,  a Hindu god, and a magni- ficent cross-legged sandstone statue of the 12th-century king, Jayavarman VII. In the courtyard is a stone statue of Yama, the God of Death. The museum also has an enviable collection of local pottery and bronze statues from the Funan as well as the Chenla periods.

A small stall in one of the main halls sells a variety of books on Cambodian history and temple architecture.  The museum also has a well- stocked souvenir shop.

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