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Neak Luong

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Located on the east bank of the Mekong, Neak Luong is a busy transit town with a devastating history. During the Vietnam War, the town was bombed by a US B-52, which dropped a 20-ton (18 tonne) load on the town center, resulting in the deaths of almost 150 people. This incident is depicted in the opening sequence of the 1984 British film, The Killing Fields.

Today, travelers along Highway 1 on their way to the Vietnamese border and Ho Chi Minh City regularly pass through Neak Luong. Car ferries also shuttle people and transport across the Mekong River, which can result in long waits during busy times. Japan has agreed to fund the construction of a 121-ft (37-m) high bridge here, but the project has been fraught with delays.

The town also has a huge, bustling market where locals peddle fruit and a variety of fried snacks such as crickets. Other than this, there is little reason for visitors to stay in Neak Luong.

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