Peam Krasaop Nature Reserve



Peam Krasaop Nature Reserve

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Covering 93 sq miles (240 sq km), Peam Krasaop Nature Reserve is one of the most important mangrove environments in Southeast Asia. The mangroves not only protect the coastline from erosion but also support a wealth of flora and fauna. The extensive mud flats here provide a crucial habitat for invertebrates and a rich feeding ground for waders such as the spotted greenshank and Asian dowitcher. Concrete walkways have been constructed through the forest,  allowing visitors a closer look at the wildlife, which includes mud crabs, storks, and cranes. The preserve is also home to pangolins, monkeys, bats, and deer. Fishermen have also reported occasional sightings of saltwater crocodiles. A 49-ft (15-m) high lookout tower in the settlement of Boeng Kayak, at the main gateway to the preserve, offers excellent views of the estuary and mud flats. Boats can be hired for trips into Koh Kong Bay at the entrance gate, and early morning trips might provide the best chance to spot the Irrawaddy dolphin.

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