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Prasat Kravan

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Dating to the 10th century, Prasat Kravan was built by high-ranking officials during the reign of Harshavarman I. It is located at a slight distance from the capital, Angkor, since only royals could build temples close to the city’s center. Comprising five brick towers, it is one of the smaller temples in the Angkor complex and is dedicated to Vish- nu. The temple, whose name means Cardamom Sanctuary, after a tree that stood here, is chiefly remark able for its brick- work and bas-reliefs, the only such known examples of Khmer art. No mortar was used in its construction, only a kind of vegetable compound. Partly restored in the 1960s, the bricks, added by Conservation Angkor, are marked with CA. These brick carvings represent Vishnu; his consort Lakshmi; his eagle mount, Garuda; a naga (serpent); and a number of other divine attendants. The doorways and lintels of all  five towers are made of sand- stone. The southernmost tower has a fine image of Vishnu riding his eagle mount, while the northern most tower has an image of Lakshmi. The central tower has a raised stone that was used to receive water for purification rites.

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