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Sen Monorom

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Capital of Mondulkiri, the largest of Cambodia’s provinces, Sen Monorom is a picturesque little place often referred to as “the Switzerland of Cambodia” for its grassy landscape, rolling hills, and two large lakes. Covering a very small area, this sparsely populated town has a marketplace and a few guesthouses. The area is rich in river valleys, waterfalls, and teal-green deciduous forests, and is also home to tigers, bears, and a number of smaller endangered animals. However, illegal logging in the past 15 years and an increase in plantations have decimated the forests, driving these animals farther inland,  much to the dismay of wild- life conservationists.

Among the other attractions  around Sen Monorom are one- and two-day treks in and  around the ethnic Phnong  villages, famous for their elephants. Visitors can learn the  art of elephant training here, with the help of the Elephant Valley project. Motorcycles are available for hire in Sen Monorom, but visitors should bear in mind that the roads are undeveloped and there are very few road signs.

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