Tom and Maria, United States



Tom and Maria, United States

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Just wanted to let you know that we got back safe, sound and very glad that we entrusted Tourism Union Indochina with our special trip. I want to thank you for all your help which made a significant difference.

We did indeed have a private trip with an amazing guide until we left Samode (Gajraj) and a great driver (Vipin) who stayed with us all the way through to dropping us off at the airport for the flight home.

Having the guide with us worked out great as he handled everything just like (if not better) than the Western guide on our China trip. Add to that his insight and passion into the history of his country (he has a graduate degree in history and wrote papers on Agra), his presentations and stories, his special care to insure we were comfortable and happy, ability to gage exactly how long we needed to be in each place, what we in particular would like to expand or skip and even knowing what would thrill us even without asking. He went way far and above what was described in the itinerary. An example was sending us off to a Bollywood movie in Jaipur, which was something to see ! It seems to me that having a National guide is better than a Western guide supplemented by local guides. Gajraj truly let us intio the heart of Vietnam.

The driver was even more amazing. How anyone could drive over there is beyond me. He also went far and above normal. He cared about is personally. An example of that was coming back at night to drive us to a restaurant that we had a reservation at that he was concerned about us getting there on our own and then waiting for quite some time until we finished to take us back to the hotel. He kept us smiling throughout.

We actually missed both Gajraj and Vipin when we came home. We really hope to see then on our return trip.

Your help was instrumental in getting us these wonderful folks and we greatly appreciate it. The only problem that comes out of this is that we are now hooked on private tours. Not having to wait for others or rushing for deadlines and the personal attention made a huge difference.

I am now starting a campaign to write reviews on the internet telling the rest of the world how great Tourism Union Indochina is. I will never doubt you guys again and pledge to not even consider anyone else when we plan on going to anyplace TI can take us.

By the way, India was an amazing place. I do not even have words to describe what we saw and did properly. We will return in a few years. I can tell you that the tiger we saw on Sunday was huge and stunning looking !

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