Tonlé Bati



Tonlé Bati

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Another popular weekend haunt, Tonlé Bati is a peaceful lake with stilted huts bordering its acacia-shaded shoreline. It is frequented by locals who find it an ideal spot for a quiet picnic or fishing trip. Adding further appeal are the nearby ruins of Ta Prohm and Yeay  Peau, two beautifully pre- served temples built in the  late 12th century under King Jayavarman VII.

Ta Prohm’s main sanctuary  has five chambers, each containing a Shiva lingam (phallic  symbol), as well as a number of bas-reliefs depicting several apsaras. On weekends, the temple grounds play host to musicians and fortune-tellers catering to visitors. Located a short distance from Ta Prohm, Yeay Peau is named after King Ta Prohm’s mother. Both sites show signs of damage by the Khmer Rouge.

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