Wat Banan



Wat Banan

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Reminiscent of Angkor Wat in terms of layout, this mountain – top temple on Phnom Banan is reached by a flight of 358  steps. Flanked by naga balustrades, the stone steps lead to five 11th-century prasats, which, despite having been looted in the past, are mostly upright. The views from the top are some of the best in the province, and visitors can buy drinks from vendors at the summit. Local children often trade hand fans in exchange for a tip.

From the temple, visitors can descend a narrow staircase to explore a group of three caves, with the help of local guides. Flashlights are essential since the caves are very dark. Visitors must be warned that one of the caves is still unmined and not safe to enter. The caves can also be quite a tight squeeze.


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